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Historical Review
CSI - Kerala Chapter was started in the year 1968. Dr. D.V. Nair, who served as an office bearer in the National CSI (in various capacities as Executive Committee member and later as Vice President) was instrumental in the genesis of the Kerala Chapter. Padmasree Dr. K.N. Pai, a senior professor of Medicine then and a popular physician became the first President and Dr. D.V. Nair took over as the first General Secretary. The inauguration was held at the Medicine Lecture Hall of Medical College Hospital, Trivandrum. In those days only a few Cardiologists in Kerala like Dr. C.K. Gopi (Trivandrum), Dr. V.C. Mathew Roy (Trivandrum), Dr.C.K.Ramachandran (Calicut) and Dr. George Jacob (Kottayam) were known all over India. Dr. C.K.P. Menon (Prof. of surgery) and Dr. Bhaktavalsalam (Cardiovascular Surgeon) attended the inaugural session as special invitees. There were about 60 delegates from all over Kerala including Dr. P.K.R. Warrier (Trivandrum) and Dr. R.K. Shenoy (Alleppey). Dr. G. Vijayaraghavan attended the meeting as a final year medicine post graduate student.

Dr. D.V. Nair presented a paper on I/V propranolol in the treatment of arrhythmias. Oral & I/V propranolol had just arrived in India then and this was considered a novel work. Dr. P.M. Kini presented a paper on Cerebral Odollum poisoning and Dr. Kurian Mappilacherry on Pulmonary angiogram in pulmonary embolism. Dr. C.K. Gopi spoke on his work on Endomyocardial fibrosis in Kerala.

The chapter members including associate members in the initial year were:

  Dr. K.N. Pai Trivandrum, President   Dr. D.V. Nair Alleppey, Gen. Secretary
  Dr. C.K. Gopi - Trivandrum   Dr. Mathew Roy - Trivandrum
  Dr. M.R.S. Menon - Trivandrum   Dr. K.P. Chandrasekharan - Trivandrum
  Dr. P.K.R. Warrier - Trivandrum   Dr. Bhaskaran - Quilon
  Dr. Kurian Mappilacherry - Kottiyam   Dr. K.Y. Roy - Alleppey
  Dr. R.K. Shenoy - Alleppey   Dr. K.G. Nair - Alleppey
  Dr. T. Thomas - Alleppey   Dr. M.C. Mathews - Ernakulam
  Dr. Sebastian Zachariah - Ernakulam   Dr. Mukundan Menon - Ernakulam
  Dr. Joseph Kurian - Ernakulam   Dr. Ramadevi Menon - Perumbavoor
  Dr. Mathew Zachariah - Trichur   Dr. V.J. Paul - Cochin
  Dr. P.M. Varkey - Trichur   Dr. C.K. Ramachandran - Calicut
  Dr. Ravindran - Calicut   Dr. Balraj - Calicut
  Dr. I.S. Menon - Varkala    

Associate Members:
  Dr. K.N. Pillai - Alleppey   Dr. Jacob Thomas - Alleppey
  Dr. K. Kuruvilla - Alleppey   Dr. Kesavan Nair - Palakkad

Following this the State Chapter of the API, was formed with Dr. K.N. Pai and Dr.V.C. Mathew Roy as the founder President & Secretary respectively.

In 1969 the annual meeting of the CSI held at Alleppey was organised by Dr.D.V. Nair. Prof. R.W.D. Turner from UK was the Chief Guest. The annual meeting was held in Trivandrum Medical College in 1970 and the subsequent meetings were held in other places like Holy Cross Hospital, Kottiyam and Kochi. Distinguished Cardiologists like Dr. Shantilal J. Shah (Bombay), Dr.Vythialingam (Vellore), Dr.George Cherian (Vellore), Dr. I.P. Sukumar (Vellore), Dr. Vagenwoort (Amsterdam), Dr. Michael Lesch (Chicago), Dr. P.K. Sen (Bombay), Dr. Stanley John (Vellore), Dr. C.R.R. Pillai (Madras) have taken part in the various meetings which were being conducted twice a year subsequently. The Medical College, Kottayam was the first among the Medical Colleges in Kerala, to have a separate department of Cardiology and this was inaugurated in 1970.

Dr. D.V. Nair played a major role in enrolling all senior physicians and cardiologists of that era in the society. Dr. Sreedharan Potti and Dr. K. Sugathan were the first DM degree holders to join the society in 1970. They retired as professors of Cardiology from the Medical Colleges of Trivandrum and Kozhikode. They had qualified from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Science and Research, New Delhi and were the students of late Dr. B.C. Roy who was brought from USA by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to head the department of Cardiology in AIIMS. Subsequently Dr. G. Vijayaraghavan (DM - Vellore) and Dr. A.K. Abraham (DM - Vellore) came to Kerala and joined the society and started actively participating in CSI Kerala Chapter. Following this Dr. Rajan Joseph Manjuran and Dr. C. Ashokan Nambiar after their training from AIIMS, New Delhi, joined the departments of Cardiology, Medical College Hospital at Kottayam and Kozhikode respectively and brought more enthusiasm to the academic activities of the society and thus the meetings of the society became a regular academic event in Kerala.

In 1973 Dr. D.V. Nair became the President and Dr. G. Vijayaraghavan, the Secretary at a meeting held at the IMA Hall at Cochin. This team continued in these positions on request from the members till Dr. Vijayaraghavan left for Kuwait. Annual meetings were held at Cochin or Trivandrum. In the subsequent years Dr. George Jacob, Dr. A.K. Abraham and Dr. C. Ashokan Nambiar became the President of the Kerala chapter.

The first cardiac center in private set up was started by Dr. A.K. Abraham at Samaritan Hospital, Pazhanganad, Alwaye. The first open heart surgery was done in 1973 by Dr. T.M. Joseph and Dr. David Thomas at Samaritan Hospital, Alwaye. The first pacemaker unit and functioning cath lab also began at the same hospital in the year 1974.

A full fledged cardiac catheterisation unit supplied by M/s Seimens India was opened in the year 1978. This was a major step by the Government of Kerala in developing cardiology in Medical Colleges. Haemodynamic Lab and Right Heart studies started in Calicut and Kottayam Medical Colleges. Subsequently invasive work became active at SCT, Trivandrum. Dr. M.S. Valiathan, Dr. K.G. Balakrishnan and Dr. C.G. Venkitachalam contributed towards the growth of cardiology in the state. The first DM course in Cardiology in Kerala was started at SCT, Trivandrum. The first 2D Echo machine was installed at Trivandrum in 1981 by Dr.G.Vijayaraghavan. The Cardiology department at Medical College, Kottayam also acquired a 2-D echo unit and this was inaugurated by Dr. George Cherian, Professor of Cardiology, C.M.C. Hospital, Vellore in August, 1981 during the annual meeting of the CSI - Kerala Chapter.

The South Zone Cardiology conference was jointly organized by Dr. George Eraly and Dr. K.A. Chacko in the year 1983. Dr. A.K. Abraham was the organizing Chairman. This meeting was inaugurated by Dr. M.J. Gandhi, who was the CSI National President then. Dr. I. Sathyamoorthy (Chennai) was the guest speaker. The meeting was inaugurated by Admiral Hiranandani FOC, Southern Command. The CSI Kerala Chapter has been having regular midsummer and annual conferences from 1984 onwards. The first Southern Regional Conference of CSI was held in Medical College Hospital, Kottayam in 1984 and Dr. George Jacob was the Organising Secretary.

The constitution of the Kerala Chapter of CSI was formulated in the year 1988, when Dr. Rajan Joseph Manjuran was the Secretary. The membership drive gained momentum in the CSI conference held at Cochin organized by Dr. George Eraly. The membership thus became around 120. The Best Paper Award was started in the year 1989 to encourage young cardiologists to actively involve in the research process.

The South Zone Regional Conference organised by CSI Kerala Chapter was held at Thiruvananthapuram in 1991 and Dr. C.G. Bahuleyan was the Organizing Secretary. This was organised at Trivandrum on August 30th, 31st and Ist September, 1991 and was attended by many leading cardiologists in the country.

In the year 1991 (Midsummer conference at Kollam) a public interaction programme was initiated and Dr. M. George Eraly was made the convenor of the preventive cardiology wing. The guidelines for selecting the annual oration was laid down in the year 1993. Dr. George Jacob from Kottayam delivered the first annual oration. The bylaw was finalized and accepted in the year 1998.

In 1997 modern cath labs were installed in Trivandrum Medical College and Calicut and with this there was tremendous growth in Interventional Cardiology in the state. Interventional procedure in Sri Chithra Tirunal and AIMS, Kochi also started gaining momentum and paediatric cardiology work as a separate subspeciality started functioning in these hospitals. Private institutes like Sree Uthradam Thirunal, Trivandrum, Heart Hospital, Trichur, Medical Trust, Cochin also made contributions towards the growth of interventional cardiology in the state.

In the year 1999, the annual conference of the Kerala chapter CSI became a two day meeting with the first day devoted to CME and workshop. This meeting was held at Trichur.

The CSI Kerala Chapter was registered under the Societies Act in the year 2000 when Dr. M.N. Krishnan was the General Secretary and Dr. Sudhayakumar was the President. It was in this year that the first 3D echo cardiography was started in India by Dr. A.K. Abraham at Indira Gandhi Hospital, Kochi.

Various distinguished cardiologists have held the posts of President and Secretary of the Kerala Chapter in the last 2 decades. (Their names and tenure are also available).

The major achievement of the Kerala Chapter of the CSI has been in terms of active enrolment and participation of younger generation of cardiologists. With more members of the society from various institutions like SCT, Trivandrum, AIMS, Kochi and the five government medical colleges, the society has become more active and meaningful. Kerala CSI had the privilege of hosting its first interventional council meeting at Kochi in 2002, with Dr. K.K. Haridas as the Organising Secretary.

It was a great achievement for the CSI Kerala Chapter that the 54th Annual Conference of the National CSI was held in December, 2002 at Kochi with Dr. Rajan Joseph Manjuran as the Organising Secretary. This conference attended by more than 4000 delegates and with international faculty participation brought Kerala to the international map and helped a lot towards the growth of Cardiology in Kerala. Dr.Rajan Joseph Manjuran subsequently became the CSI National President and this was indeed a proud moment for the CSI Kerala Chapter. The National Interventional Council meeting was held at Kovalam, Trivandrum in April, 2006 and Dr. C.G. Bahuleyan was the organising secretary. This was attended by more than 500 delegates including many of the leading interventional cardiologists of the country.

The much cherished desire of having its own building for its headquarters has come true when His Excellency the Governor of Kerala inaugurated the Kerala Heart House on 6th of May, 2006. With this the idea of preventive cardiology programme for the public made a quantum leap forward. A Save Heart Programme in this context was also inaugurated by the Governor.

CSI Kerala Chapter vows its commitment to spread academic knowledge to the professionals and to the public.

61st National conference of CSI was hosted by CSI Kerala Chapter. Prof. K Venugopal was the Organizing Secretary and Dr.P.P Mohanan was the Joint Organizing Secretary. The conference was held at Le Meridian Convention Center, Kochi. It was attended by 2700 delegates. Total attendance was 4000 including the spouses and Industry people. The conference was well attended. The event was excellently organized and conducted with high academic content and great hospitality.

The CSI Kerala Chapter is quite proud of its dream project, the Kerala Heart Journal, a scientific publication by CSI Kerala Chapter. The first volume of the journal was released along with starting of the website of Kerala Heart Journal (www.keralaheartjournal.in) by Dr George Jacob, Senior Cardiologist at Alapuzha during the annual conference of CSI Kerala Chapter.The editor of the journal is Dr G. Rajesh, Additional Prof of Cardiology, Calicut Medical College, Kerala.

It was a great achievement for the CSI Kerala Chapter that the midterm meet of national interventional council 2012 was organized with Dr P.P.Mohanan as chairman organizing committee, Dr Rony Mathew as organizing secretary and Dr Jabir A as assistant organizing secretary and treasurer. The conference was held at Hotel Le Meridian, Kochi from 27th 29th April 2012. The NIC midterm meet this time had many unique features. For the first time in NIC, scientific sessions were held in four halls simultaneously. Live case transmissions were also done for the first time. Live cases were also transmitted from International centers like Denmark, Egypt, Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands, Russia and UK. The back to basics course was a big attraction and the hall was full throughout. The joint symposium with organizations like SOLACI was another new addition. The conference which attracted 760 delegates. Conference was inaugurated by Dr Sasko Kedev from Macedonia. The impeccable way in which the conference was organized generated great deal of appreciation by the delegates and faculty. Organizing the NIC Midterm Meeting was a pride moment for CSI Kerala Chapter.

Cardiological Society of India Kerala Chapter Coronary Artery Disease and its Risk factors Prevalence Study (CSI Kerala CRP Study) was a multi centric cross sectional study conducted in three regions of Kerala namely Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur and Kozhikode with the aim of finding out prevalence of Coronary artery disease (CAD) and risk factors for CAD in the state. The study was wholly funded by Kerala chapter of CSI. Study recruited 5193 men and women in the age group of 20 to 79 years in both urban and rural settings. Study was formally launched on 31st January 2011. Data collection was completed on 31st July 2011. Preliminary findings of this study showed an age standardized prevalence of CAD of 12.3% in Kerala with no significant urban rural divide.

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